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Ayahuasca amarilla – AMAR Y YA!

Ayahuasca amarilla – AMAR Y YA!

I never really mentioned it but Tupac didn’t quite agree on me taking Lsd, a chemical substance. So he thought about giving a last try. Obviously, there was something wrong  with the Ayahuasca we cooked together but he did remember well how good I responded to another one we took in Putumayo.

He decided to order 2L of it as my birthday present. Its another type, cooked differently, called Yellow Ayahuasca. Also, that one has a secret ingredient that turns it into pure dynamite… for me at least.

Two days later, the package arrived … the salvation bell was ringing for that finally the process could get started. Even if LSD is rad – to me – it doesn’t compare to the most mystical brew mother earth gave us. And that one was vibrating on a different level, something I never felt before.  I felt my spirit being carried away to the surgery room before a laser sharp scalpel began the incision into my soul – INTENSE!

The cleanse was radical as it never was, ayahuasca made me vomit my deamons one after the other, doing body cleanse at the same time. I remember having tremendous spams watching my body trying to regurgite something reeeally deep with surprisingly almost nothing coming out. Every bit of dust was expelled, every corner of my universe was review and updatedIn two ceremonies, I was  as clean as a diamond – Not  even mentioning the ton of information being passed down.

Magical Healing for our Guest Maciej

Just after our new brew arrived we had two friends coming for ceremonies, one of them was Maciej, from Poland. I met Maciej in Vilcabamba, southern Ecuador. We talked very briefly. Personaly, I didn’t connect so much with him right away and felt the cold energy typical from many Eastern Europe cultures. Somehow, I made a good impression on him and he told me he’ll try come see me in Colombia later on.

One month later, he was asking where could he meet us and try Ayahuasca… so I explained. But when he was around our place, unluckily, we had just left the place empty for a bit more tan a week. Nevertheless, he decided to hang around waiting for us and we met him and his girlfriend on our return.

Their first ceremony was a bitter surprise: strong tabacco cleanse follow by a disgusting drink that make you vomit and feel bad… they decided to hang around the place but postponed ayahuasca for maybe later. A week later, he was accompanying his girlfriend to her flight home in Bogota before he decided to come back with us, ready to give it a fair try.

Maciej has had a very serious and responsable life. At 42, he had never been alone once, always committed to social responsibilities. It was university, then love, then children, then work … with no free time in between. The bomb exploded 6 month ago and he broke his unsatisfying wedding, left his confortable job, faced the social, family and friend pressure  before he found himself traveling for the first time, tasting a new freedom …  but at the same time bearing a tremendous weight: what now?

Well, he had THE MOST RADICAL HEALING I’ve ever seen.

When he came back, the first night he was just cleansing again BUT the second one, after only 15 minutes he was vomiting and half an hour later he was swearing his heart out loud like a crazy desperado. Hearing that polish language made me thought I was facing Dracula coming right away from Pensylvania!

Our friend went right away to take a bath in one of the local SOURCE OF LIFE. It’s  place in the Universe where you experience to some extent what you’d call TRUTH. A major amount of information is experienced at once, touching the core of Understanding. Some of this sources are so intense that you become Mute for a while, unable to communicate the depth of what you saw, trying to integrate what feels like major Revelations being experienced at once. For him he said that it was also soooo much Love, soooo much Happiness that he got stuck, couldn’t come back and Tupac had to fly his spirit to bring him back!

The next day, he was a new man, puzzled by having seen and understood so much of LIFE at once. He tried to share his happiness and enthusiasm to friends and family but faced a wall of incomprehension and got disregarded as being on drug – of course!

One of the side effect of GROWING too much & too quick: you become an Alien … healing can taste weird in the beginning.

Cats & Dogs as energetic companions

While journeying, I had my two beloved friends watching after me. I was amazed to see how much these guys could hold the place. Nights are normally fairly quite but when I was journeying, they would go out and chase energies and spirits ALL THE TIME. That made me realize how much we are tight together with dogs.

Dogs have been protecting human for long enough. They really can keep a place clean energetically too, doing their job: House Keeping. At night, they are more like wolves …

Tupac was explaining me that instead, Cats are more Healers than Keepers, working on the body. The purring they do acts also on the energetic level: it transmutes energies, bad ones. It’s maybe a bit like having a source of fire, like a chimney, at home.


A good cleanse, a lot of insights and revelations but still NOT THE DEEP SOUL HEALING I WAS WAITING.

Besides, I started to be drained from everywhere, that journey was going in too many directions, ayahuasca was too intense for my body, Tupac - even if being the coolest shaman of the universe - had still too much jungle blood in his veins for me and I started to have enough of the ‘die hard’ type of shamanic pressure. We are good friends but I am a terrible student.

It’s simple: I ONLY LISTEN TO MYSELF. I don’t accept authority besides my inner Self … so we did have our little tensions. My experiences confirmed what I knew – I learn best on my own. This is how I step in the unknown. If I have the confort of protection, I loose integrity and any chance to journey to the real depth of the Mystery.

I also realize I had left a lot of myself behind. Two years of reprogramming had created a significant distance between Me and my Roots. It was time to reconnect with some pieces of my identity : friends and family … and my personal power I had invested into my passions: Flying! I have to confess, I am an adrenaline junkie. My body lost its power, agility, inner strength and stamina I had gained over the years.

I had been longing Home and the Alps for about the last 6 months, maybe it was time to go back ?

The plan was to piece myself up and regain my Inner Strength, Power & Integrity so I could face the ultimate challenge blocking SOUL FREEDOM … MY FEARS!

Last day insight: ANGER

The day I met my monster the first time, these two dogs - Suzie & Leika - literally fell in Love with me. They where now spending night and day by my side. No wonder since that day I had also started opening my heart again. But one thing remained a mystery for me: I had no authority over them whatsoever and anytime I would get Angry after them, these two would just get CRAAAZY starting jumping over me, making a mess all over.

One day they really pissed me off and I got angry for real : I MEANT IT. As usual, they responded with tremendous excitation BUT something else happened …

MY HEART BLEW OPEN FOR HALF A SECOND: I felt Love surrounding me, caressing my body, softening my skin, deepening my voice, brightening colors, clearing my thoughts blablabla

Hummm, that was the moment that made me realize the whole misunderstanding about Death – Evil – The Monster and the emotional reality behind it: ANGER.

That made me rewrite the article about My Monster now called Anger & My Monster – Where the Evil dwells …


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