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Load the cannons, raise the flag and take hold of your Heart!

A proper man of courage does not flee before the start.

Do not fear when Death is near, when doom is night at hand.

Your end marks the beginning of a Life in fairer lands…. and Pirates we shall be!!!!

The Pirate Shanty

Being a Life sailor, I’m often frustrated of not being able to share my Adventures, my Philosophy, my Thoughts, my Revelations and especially the RollerCoaster of Absurdities flowing through my veins. I decided to communicate a bit more about my personality, my life experience and anything that makes me shiver & flies my Spirit High – I try to inspire people as much as I’m being inspired by them.

The Only Limits That Exist Are The Ones You Define.

Mettre les voiles” means to set the mainsail up, get behind the steering wheel and head straight into the whirlpool of UNCERTAINTY… where the tresor is said to be hidden.

It is to believe in oneself, in Life & Dreams, to forget about the past, chase our futur away & just to Speak with the Silence.

 Through this website, I’m not trying to entertain and make people fantasize but rather to bring inspiration and motivation, to wake up the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR that strives in us, whispering  ”Be Your Heroe”. I’ll try to share my ideas, what works with me and brings me new perspectives and horizons towards a future always more like I dream of it.

I can’t resist introducing  two things that I consider essential: curiosity and open mindness.


  • The section Road Trippin’ gathers my adventures.
  • The section Inspiration will expose random articles.
  • The section Poetry  will share my poetic style- Under construction


In the end, I have just one question: Who Wants To Be a Dream In a God’s Mind?

Happy reading.



- Please feel free to write me feedbacks, positive or negative, I will greatly appreciate it -