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Faith, the Scapegoat of Robotism

Faith, the Scapegoat of Robotism

In the world of Modernity & Isolation, a heretic sacrifice is taking place, thundering through the Heart of the Human Spirit: FAITH.

Flammes are burning high inside the Graal of Existance. The conspiracy is breaking out, the sacred is under attack. Deamons fly through the universe, magnetized by the Divine stupidity of human´s creativity: GUILT.

“There´s a war out there!”

Yet, few seems to see it clearly, stuck inside the mass pressure of Standardization. Pouring over the Mind, possessing our Emotions, the virus is creeping through the cultural Identity raping the individual from its own essence: FREEDOM.

- WE REPEAT, WE REPEAT, WE REPEAT … over & over & over AGAIN -

By loosing Faith, we found a new kind of experience: SOLITUDE. Symptomatic, it communicates its LOVE desperation through a pressure release valve powerfully ugly, showing its teeth to Divinity: ANGRY ROBOTISM.

“The Devil REPEATS – it´s a  fact!”

Behaviors, ideas, actions, inspirations etc are corrupted from SPONTANEITY –  We robotize Angry Robots!

- Is difference a crime?  Who is the judge ? -


Things don´t have to be so Bad, Life doesn´t have to seem so Dull, Love doesn´t need to feel so Harsh, Existance doesn´t have to be so Empty, Simplicity doesn´t have to be so Complex… Just save yourself!!!

  1. Join the Army and confess your SOLITUDE.
  2. Cry your LIGHT – I REPEAT – Cry your LIGHT & BE ANGRY!
  3. Become yourself and CREATE.
  4. Create the Warrior and fight with your inspiration.
  5. Join the rank of multi-dimensional artistry – Paint, Sing, Dance, Write… Imagine & Play your HEART.
  6. Loss of Imagination precede the loss of the Soul  sooooo

Get ready for ROBOT Scapegoating!!


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