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Semantic, The King of Alchemy

Semantic, The King of Alchemy

I have used extensively the art of semantic throughout my journey. It is an art indeed and I hope I can give you some insight of how to become an artist, an Alchemist.

Alchemy is about transformation. Transforming what? Well, Life or rather US – our Life.

A definition

We have to start with one essential question upon which the concept of semantic is based – Who am I?

In the realm of semantic WE ARE A DEFINITION!


Well, nobody besides ourselves decide who we are. We are granted free will to choose which person we want to be by casting upon ourselves values and symbols. These values and symbols pervade us and give us a way to access reality. They define us. They form what is also called our energetic body (see also Energetic Navigational Strategies: basic principles). So yes, in the end we are just living symbols.

“The Sebastien of today is not the same of yesterday because the values behind the symbols have been changed!”

…and this is just perfect because the values behind the symbols can be changed over and over once they are acknowledged.

Honesty & commitment

Looking at ourselves is not always easy since we live so much INSIDE the symbols. It requires a sincere intention – a desire – to be honest with ourselves. The latter is proven right through the concept of commitment.

There is not one way to prove our own desire but only your way BECAUSE we all access commitment through our own definition – semantic again!

Define how you will commit yourself to honestly discover who you are… and keep with it.

Why so much commitment?

I believe it depends which part of ourselves we want to change. When we start looking where it hurts – Fear & Guilt –  we realize that the pieces have been buried deeply inside to make sure we don’t look at them anymore.

Spiritual & Proper Knowledge:  THE FUEL

  • What I call spiritual knowledge would be the kind of knowledge that is flirting with TRUTH as much as possible.
  • What I call Proper Knowledge would be the kind of knowledge this is flirting with OUR HAPPINESS as much as possible.

Where do we encounter TRUTH?

My personal biais have taken me to look for TRUTH where the source was the most OBJECTIVE possible. I am referring here to non-incarnated intelligence that eventually come speak through us (channeling) to give us insights of what LIFE could really be. – I am a Seth freak and I believe that The Seth Material are just unbeatable.

Where do we encounter OUR HAPPINESS?

This one is very relative. It is our “job” on earth to define and embody what we think of happiness. Let’s be imaginative. A good way to start is simply to start defining it.

Behind the painter’s mind

[We are now entering the room where the artist comes into life]

It’s time to define Language…as  a primitive attempt to grasp and communicate a psychological atmosphere that dances behind our mind – It’s alive!

-   Language is a substitute for direct cognition -

We ARE our language – any multilingual felt it – and how our language is structured is how our reality is structured. By Reality, I also mean TIME & SPACE as much as the rest of it, since perception is also define by our own definitions.

  • Is a tree a physical plant growing high (Darwin) or a mysterious entity erupting from the ground’s generosity and dancing in the wind (The Mystic poets)?
  • Do you think people from India or Papua New Guinea experience Time & Space like in Europe?
  • Do you make French love or Italian love?

Some ancient languages describe more the emotional aspect of the moment rather than the physical aspect…and believe me that a poet does NOT see the same thing as a scientist does.

Who we think we are (emotions & thoughts) and our perception (Time and Space) can be changed by looking at the definitions we hold behind.


Nobody but ourselves grant us happiness or misery. The definition we hold exits upon OUR BELIEFS. We believe that in such or such condition, we are to be crying or smiling. The conditions are highly variable with any individual since all of us have different beliefs.

Now these very beliefs that we have accepted as true have been conditioned by the social & cultural environment we were raised and are living in.

Childish innocence

As a kid, you do not possess the necessary experience of existence to criticize your environment… so you feed in whatever comes around. You become your environment and start growing inside it… until maybe the pressure coming from your spiritual needs of liberty and expression brings you to reading these lines ;)

Family environment

  • Did your parents told you that sexual pleasure is wrong so now there is guilt whenever lust is around?
  • Did they hide their love behind secret looks and small attentions so that you find impossible to express yours?

Social environment

  • Was it forbidden to express private opinion in public?
  • Was humility the golden rule of behavior and seen as the impossibility of expressing your own joy and achievement?  (Huge in Germany and many more in the old continent!).

-    Redefine moral codes and live by your own ethic –

Emotional Idiocy

I believe that almost anytime we feel sad and miserable is because we are suffering of Emotional Idiocy. This is where it takes some Spiritual Knowledge to make sure we can redefine things properly. Spiritual Knowledge is necessary because it brings UNDERSTANDINGS.

Without proper understanding, only a fool would redefine something he believed true his whole life – Is the fool happier than the wise man?

It is the duty of the spiritual warrior to look for a better understanding of all these emotions going through him giving him a sense of EXISTANCE.

What, How, Where, When do we think is Love, Anger, Joy… and most importantly WHY.

The what, How, Where and When gives a contour but it is the WHY that takes us to the BELIEF supporting it. Once the WHY is uncovered, things can be changed within the blink of an eye.

 Spiritual Kit

  • Desire, honesty and commitment to risk Self-definition
  • Spiritual and proper knowledge
  • Trust and patience
  • Call yourself an innocent idiot!

Love disentanglement – A Personal example

This is a good example of how we hold on childish definition about very important concepts. Because we used to look at life through our child eyes, we often have “interesting” beliefs and make associations that can look ridiculous in front of our grown up adult eyes.

Like everybody, I was holding the picture of my parents as living Gods. The relationship I had with my father had been challenging. For one thing, I was different, original, eccentric and thriving for so much freedom that I was not matching his concept & definition of the lovable kid. My father is very into the moral and social recognition. For him, it is the society that makes you somebody. Existence is seen and attached to school grades, certificates and career. I greatly suffered for the lack of Love from him – classic – as I was an extravagant rebel pursuing the adrenaline of life through Law breaking actions (the authority challenge aka “Look at me Existence, I am bigger than you are!”), fun, party, drugs and so on. This was just a translation of ANGER. Anger for not being able to match my father’s Love and not being able to love him back. On top of that, I made the most ridiculous association: I thought that LOVE was to be gained through Social Recognition(!). Unfortunately, I had ALSO put under Love, Romantic Love as well as the Love for myself! TRICKY for someone being Mr unconventional yelling “fuck the society”!

This sleeping daemon was consuming my life from inside: my romantic life was inexistent; I held anger towards my father and could not love myself…for 10 years!

Until I realize HOW RIDICULOUS was that belief and changed it!

I could easily change my Social recognition / Romantic Love belief BUT the anger for my father required FORGIVENESS which mainly comes with UNDERSTANDINGS.

My JOKER: Spiritual Knowledge. I had by then enough understanding about Love, Anger, Belief and suffering to change perspective and allow forgiveness.

How? By knowing that Mankind is of good intent, always. By acknowledging that my father was himself suffering as much as I was of not being able to express his love. By understanding that his Love was stuck inside his belief upon moral & society. By recognizing that even if he didn’t express his Love directly, he had always been there for me. The day this happened, I was flooded with memory of him looking after me, things I could NOT recall since our Beliefs also structure MEMORIES!!

I was free and manifested Love 6 months later!




 Define yourself or Be defined


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