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8 Circuit Model of Consciousness – Do you like maps?

8 Circuit Model of Consciousness – Do you like maps?


Welcome to the Multidimensional Gateway of the Present moment…


The 8C-Model is a circuitry grid of Reality that offers a New Age Psychological approach of Reality.



The 8-C Model was originally brought to the western Mind by  Dr Timothy Leary, the infamous theoretical philosopher that brought LSD in the streets. Reality freaks will know him better for his genius mind and revolutionary spirit being persecuted all around the world by secret and governmental agencies. He wrote some of his most inspiring books in prison!




The Millbrook Sage – Secret story
Discover how Dr Leary was introduced into the 8 circuits through an encounter with a mysterious Tantra fanatic. Its pure 5C consciousness and Eastern spiritual secrecy… Here


The model was consequently developed by the American social scientist Robert Anton Wilson, Leary’s friend. Using his own style, he gave new insights but the model remained fairly similar.





Antero Alli, an esoteric ritualist, has made personal experiments developing techniques and performances to practically access and integrate each of the circuits. Through careful redefinition, he invites us in the lower circuit scenery of our everyday life. Through rituals and meditations performed in non performance contexts called paratheatre, he gives insights on how to access Upper circuit Shocks in a drug free environment.

His revelatory work offers a healthy and stabilizing use of the 8c-Model: the Vertical connectivity.




The whole model relies on one SPECIFIC definition of Intelligence and the ability to increase it.

“Intelligence is the ability to Absorb, Integrate and Communicate Information”

An Evolutionary System

The concept is that we ALL have full access to the 8 circuits - not psychics, shamans and gurus only!

There is a real complexity of loops and feedbacks between all the circuits. For now it is enough to understand that Evolution from birth can be seen as an increasing access of the circuits, starting from the 1st to the 8th. I believe all the circuits where fully open at birth but were slowly shut down by our cultural and educational system. Anyways, if you do not experience any of what is listed under the upper circuits, it means that your energy is stuck in the lower ones – classic.

Indeed, Antero Alli has noticed that most of us stay stuck in the 4 lower circuit because of INTEGRATION DIFFICULTIES. He focuses on Integration techniques to make all the proper adjustments so that Energy can flow.


- Define yourself or Be defined -


Vertical connectivity

Antero’s new approach can be summed up as “bring your body with you!”.

He does not seek a futile escape from earthly experience but rather advances the high necessity of a strong and flexible Identity (lower circuits) to be able to Integrate cosmic Shocks (upper circuits).

C1 supports C5

C2 supports C6

C3 supports C7

C4 supports C8

The issue is that most of us suffer symptoms of vertical disconnectivity: negative social biais and lack of Life Education make us Falling Angels in the complex realm of Multidimensional Realities.


The four lower circuits represent Fixations and Anchors of Identity – They make survival possible.


C1 – Root Circuit – Physical & Biological consciousness

This is where one develops Ego Safety through Physical confidence and Biological survival. The  safety feeling is maintained by Food, Shelter and Initial/Mother Love.

It is Body Wisdom - Review your BS upon C1 by looking at you Eating patterns, Health /  sickness conditions, physical Energy, body relationships…


C2 – Politico-territorial Circuit – Emotional consciousness

This is where one develops Ego Strength through Emotional confidence, Personal power and Personal Freedom. The Strength is acquired by redefining Control, Emotional honesty and Status.

It is Emotional wisdom - Review your BS upon C2 by redefining your status, your authority, success, relationships and access to emotions, obsessions and attachments… HARD WORK!


C3 – Intellectual Circuit – Conceptual consciousness

This is where one develops Ego Concept through mental confidence. Concepts are acquired by mental reality mapping: learning, thinking, problem solving, semantic.

It is Reality wisdom - Review your BS upon C3 by thinking for yourself and looking at your reality maps:  always in the known? What constitutes the meaningful? Define sanity / insanity. Redefine your relationship with your thoughts. Define Nature, God, I, Spirituality…


C4 – Sexo-cultural Circuit – Social consciousness

This is where one develops Ego boundings through Social confidence and sexual codes. Boundings are acquired through moral and ethical codes, cultural and religious structures.

It is Social wisdom – Review you BS upon C4 by looking at your Friendship, Love and Sex criterias, personal ethics & cultural codes etc.



The four Upper circuits represents Shocks and Catalysts from outer space that come trigger Growth and Evolution through the destabilising effect of the Lower circuits.

-Access requirements: NO Self Investment & Self Judgment -


C5 – Somatic circuit – Energetic consciousness

This is where you encounter the Shock of BLISS & ECSTASY, catalyzed by the sense of Being and Belonging. It is where one develops Charisma. The Consciousness if fully focus in the body which is the gateway of The Present Moment, accessed through the 5 Senses.

5C access is done with the art of relaxing and letting go. It is the circuit that enter Yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi as well as energetic practitioners.


C6 – Psychic Circuit – Multidimensional Consciousness

This is where you encounter the Shock of UNCERTAINTY, catalyzed by dropping C3 judgments and allowing emotional diversity. Stop projecting, drop personal symbolism. - Be unknown to yourself  -

This is by excellence the shamanic circuit where one starts seeing and reading Energy, develops Intuition, Reality selection…by the awareness of Relativity and the Multidimensional aspect of Reality.


C7 – Mystico – Religious Circuit – Universal Consciousness

This is where you encounter the Shock of UNITY, catalyzed by aligning C3 biais and Imagination, Being the silent observer.

This is the circuit of Other Life memories, Synchronicities, Archetypes, Guides, Cosmic consciousness. This is where you shed soul tears and confess ignorance in front of the compelling Innocence, Cooperation & Divine Beauty of LIFE.


C8 – Creative Circuit – Quantum Non Local Consciousness

This where you encounter the Shock of IMPERMANENCE, catalyzed by Near Death Experience, Out of Body Exp., the Void… where one encounters the illusion of permanence through different aspects of DEATH.

This is the circuit beyond Time & Space, where everything exist and yet do not. Existance seems far and futile. Where Creations Begins and ends.


C2 Stagnation – The Warfare of Emotions

It’s official, the 21st century human race is deeply stuck in the Un integrated realm of Emotional Realities.

Most of us experience Life as Emotional Dramas and still have no idea whatsoever of what an emotion is, how to experience them, how to express them and how to relate with them. Attachments, blockages, control and so on. It’s time to call an alert and review your whole emotional definitions as well as stepping in the bilateral concept of CONCESSIONS – a must for global emotional survival.

8C & Shamanism

Laurent Huguelit, a swiss Shaman published a book called “The shamanic path to quantum consciousness” where he connects the 8C-Model to other world journeying and shamanic practices.

He makes parallels between traditional shamanism and how do they apply to the 8C grid. He describes interesting loops and feedbacks processes as well as to use the 8C model with shamanic practices. BUT what I find truly astounding is how he bridged the 3 traditionals Shamanic Worlds to the more pragmatic approach of the 8C-Model.

He also has made a map showing which molecule uses which circuits – VERY useful to plan & prepare journeys with spiritual plants!

- Shamanic poetry has find a way to understand itself… -

Personal Use

I personally owe this model my WHOLE journey.

I have started using it 6 months before I left for my Big Journey (March 2013). I used it to look at my personal Identity and spot where adjustments were to be made. I spent most of the first year primarily looking at the 4 lower circuits, for that they are the key to Re Create yourself and to allow a healthy and natural access of Upper ones without blowing your mind away.

By doing the right adjustment, the goal is to develop the ability of “ flying high & staying high” without the frustration of coming back to dull & denser realities.

This model gives me both the fuel, the rocket and the target… a STRUCTURE. I believe this is what most of us lack in our Life, whether we strive for Novelty or Habits.

I am forever grateful having discovered it. I know already I will keep coming back to it as each time I do, I read something new behind the same words!

As I see it, the advantage of that Model is that it encompasses every possible experience you could get, give it sense, helps you relate to it and integrate it, makes connectionc between the whole…and it is absolutly devoided of any Belief requirements. It just IS.

Whether we like map or not, we all have them, make them and use them ALL THE TIME. I believe this model has all to give to the new generations of awakening angels that all of a sudden end up in the midst of so much spiritual confusion…Where to go? What to do?

One will quickly understand that there is no such things as the absolute search of enlightment… Yep, depending of how you define it, but generally it refers a full blast of the 5C… THE NOW! Instead, there is a variety of experiences all having senses and relationships between each others. The key is not to develop the tendancy to call your Truth THE TRUTH and stay stuck in one of the circuits, upper or lower.

Finally, this article is nothing but an ultra short introduction to some characteristics and components of the 8C of consciousness – There is so much -. This model remains largely underground and I wish it fame and popularity. If you are a bit interested, only by reading some of its litterature would give you more insights. I would recommand starting by Angel Tech.




Antero Alli’s website

(He offers once a year one online 8 weeks courses where there is a follow up and Q&A done through a forum. I did it, of great use.)


Antero alli:

  • Angel Tech(1986) – A MUST
  • The 8C Brain: Navegationalt strategies for the  energetic body (2012)

Robert Anton Wilson:

  • Prometheurs Rising

Timothy Leary:

  • The Game of Life
  • Info psychology





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