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Fast & Furious – Fat & Fearful

Fast & Furious – Fat & Fearful

How are you? How do you feel today? Where is your head at…

Emotions are quite something. They are so much us or what we think of us that they demand special focus and attention to maybe stop being walked around like a puppy blindly following its master. Worse, they can even be used to manipulate and control. Since we access them with our ideas and that we eat ideas from the outside world, get the wrong idea and suffer the wrong emotions. It’s all a matter of perspectives of course.

Emotions define us and paint our everyday life, only shall we use the right colors. Unfortunately we’ve never been taught to be great painters or even what painting is about. Emotions are being used worldwide to manipulate and control. The world is literally stuck on emotions…love drama, terrorism, politic warfare etc.

Fast & Furious

is the world we are living in. We need things right now and its better be good! It’s often hard to be at peace with so much temptation and stimulation. We are transformed into emotional roller coasters.

Emotional Fast Food are of cheap quality as well as being lucrative products – Soap operas, TV shows, big movie productions…  - Popularity goes hand in hand with simplicity and stupidity. Life is a drama at best. Love is learned from music clips and movie stars. Can you believe it?


When are we going to teach how to love and be loved? Honest love, sincere feelings are hidden or even taboo.

We are being told how to be Happy, how to Love and make Love, how to Play, how to have Fun, How to have Sex etc. All of these stereotypes hanging on top of us, casting dark shadows onto disappearing souls.- Miss to meet them and miss your life. Is that the message? -

How free do we think we are?

When are we going to have Love teachers, Anger teachers, Play teachers, Sex teachers… Why not? Is money so much more interesting?

Fat & Fearful

is also the world we are living in and it’s not glorious. As I see it, Fat is the physical translation of FEAR. Obesity being a major SYMPTOM of western bodies, we must be afraid of something…or somebody?

What is Fat? Using metaphors, it stands as a protective layer between ourselves and the others / the inner world and the outer world. Protection is a defense mechanism that rises out of fear.

- Why would we protect ourselves if we weren’t afraid in the first place? -

Social Fear

I’m afraid we are living inside our fears despite ourselves. Yep, the Mindful people, lacking emotions, are governing the world using cold Mass Media Communication to control us (and most certainly themselves as we are all part of it). So the less minded people are being fed by their favorite dish:  Emotional Food.

Paranoia, viruses, natural disaster, terrorism, dramas… we fear the world at large: our body, our neighbors, our nature, our emotions…OURSELVES.

Whether you read a newspaper, watch the last movie, listen the radio its all the same. We are being attacked, invaded, destroyed and diminished. There is always an enemy, a reason to fight for survival.

Do we want to disappear so much? -

Personal Fear

Anxiety, frustration, deception…  All these self-diminishing emotion are eating us from the inside and growing us in the outside. FUNNY RIGHT! Life is a challenge, no doubt with that. BUT it doesn’t have to be such the hell of a one. It CAN and it SHOULD be somewhat easier.

What is it that we fear in us? Is it confronting ourselves, facing our challenges, being honest?

Self honesty can be hard to take. Realizing misery can make us miserable indeed. I’m afraid it’s the only way out. A bit of courage and some trust, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Fearful to fearless

Fear exist but doesn’t have to be in our experience.

Here is what I do to eradicate it:

When fear shows up, I don’t try to escape it but sit with it with the conscious knowledge that it’s my own projection. I listen to it, describe it, watch it, and define all its contours so I can clearly put my finger on it. By doing so, it takes me to a clear understanding.

Find the reason and it will disappear. Indeed,  Fear needs a reason for existence. That very reason is sustained by a Belief that we have created, without which it would not exist.

- Find it & Change it! -

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