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Do you mind your body?

Do you mind your body?

Mind & Body, Body & Mind.

- They are like old friends sharing the same journey, one has the map and the other is driving, if only they would speak the same language! -

  • Funny enough, the body relies on the mind for a direction to take (not in space only) and yet your mind state respond to your body state.
  • Our bodies are our most intimate creation and yet they keep surprising us.
  • We identify so much with our body and yet we don’t have a clue of how it functions!

It’s a shame, knowing that our bodies are the gateway to the present moment. They also possess infinite knowledge and wisdom – THEY KNOW -

How much do we inhabit our bodies? NOT MUCH, myself at least.

Time traveling

Who hasn’t dreamed of time travelling?

GOOD NEWS:  we are time travelers exploring the present moment and yet most of us live in the past or the future – Another paradox of mankind-.


Well, it’s easy. The body lives in the present while the mind is always stuck somewhere else.

I know barely any people living in the present. I am serious. I have had the chance to be in the present a few times. If you too then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The present would probably be the one of the most amazing things you’ve ever felt. Everything there is bright and divine. It’s where you’ll encounter your true power. Many surprises are waiting for us in the present… It’s Magic!

Helping techniques that focus consciousness in the body: Yoga, Tai Chi or some meditation techniques like Vipassana.

Body time

Let’s take a little moment of honesty between Mind & Body

Which part of our body we do not like and why?

Let’s change our look upon it, let’s find a way to like it. I like making stories. Romance, friendship, teasing… It’s all about play. Add fun and watch the story evolve. This will move stuck energies, change the picture of yourself you are holding…and change your body in the long term.

We are what we project. We hold all these images of us. They appear as energies, that’s what you perceive so it’s what THEY perceive too.

-          Make cheeky cheeks and tipsy tits and your body will smile to you –

 Body reading

Reading a body is an art. It takes intuition. You can read shapes, movements and attitudes. Combine it all and you’ll get a good idea of what that person it, it’s spirit.

What do we read? METAPHORES. They stand as the common ground between inner world and outter world. It’s the language of the psyche, how the inner self communicate to the outer self.

Have you ever noticed how thoughts and emotions express themselves?

- It looks like thoughts grow vertically while emotions horizontally! -

  • Look at mind oriented people – engineer, scientist… – tall, bonny and skinny, long fingers…
  • In comparison, people that sense life with their emotions tend to be smaller and definitely with round shapes.

Body talks

Our bodies talk to us ALL THE TIME but we don’t listen to it.

Why? Maybe because we’re being told that it doesn’t talk, that it is a mysterious object that only a cold, mindful & spiritless product of SCIENCE that we call A DOCTOR, know better!

Yep, they learned body talks using books and microscopes, deduction and reason, numbers and calculus on the main assumption that NATURE is a huge stack of atoms and molecules resulting from a huge conspiracy made out by COINCIDENCE.

How can they believe in RANDOMNESS and yet make deductions based on ORDER? Divinity is so obvious, they can’t see it!

Soul food vs Body food

A soulless society can only provide soulless food. Sad.

I believe we often misinterpret Soul food & body food –Feeling empty, lifeless? Let’s eat something! - I’ve done that so much.

-          A happy body doesn’t need much beside a happy soul –

What is soul food?

Well, it is highly variable from person to person as well as moment to moment. Looking at our wildest dreams, hidden desires, most secret passions etc shall give us a clue.

It always involves Love, Play & Creativity. It seeks expression through a socially repressed ingredient: SPONTANEITY.

Yep, spontaneity tends to make us look, different, weird, ridicule, stupid, crazy… Worse, it even makes us tell the truth!


the key to unlock our Soul.

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