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As I was reading a book, the subject really got my attention as I’ve regularly found myself debating with it…have you?

I often heard so much about humility, how much goodness was quoted with humble people and all the virtue attached to it in general. Especially when one gets around spirituality and all its behaving codes, paths and traps…By the way, what is humility?

Interestingly, I associated humility not only with the relationship you maintain with yourself and the rest of the world (things, people…), but also a lot around how much you share of yourself.

How much time you are waiting before sharing of yourself? Is it how much you will share of it? Both?

Are you going to share everything right away? Or are you playing the mysterious personae and unfold slowly who you really are, if at all?

Is it something along those lines at all?

Why such questions?

Having always pursued the extraordinary in my experiences, the sensational, when comes the time to socialize, you do what we all do: share of yourself. Then you choose your camp: whether you share (pride), whether you don’t (humility as I accepted it). The fine balance I’ve found was to share the right amount, the right piece and at the right time, so then I don’t look too much of an extraterrestrial and can feel confirmation and acceptance, useful to give yourself a value of existence by projecting your myths into 3D reality! (to some extent varying from individuals, I think we all need external confirmation).

Then I realized that my relationship with the world (being the people here) was altered once the facts were shared because people were giving me a sense of abnormality/superiority when I was sharing! Hence the links with the sharing. My sharing would then interfere with my acceptance/existence. I did feel that very much, despite my original intents.

Some people believe there is a great merit and holy virtue in what they think of humility, hampering many of their life experiences. Therefore to be proud of oneself seems a sin and in that frame true affirmation of the self is impossible. Are you one of them?

As long as you don’t get in the “too much humility” trap and keep your pride with you, you are safe. For that only being proud will give true confirmation of who you really are. It is self-acceptance. Taking it further, if you accept yourself fully, you then forgive yourself for not being perfect as perfection doesn’t exist as we define it. It is nothing more than a direct barrier from a powerful force that moves us through Life: the potential for growth. You see, one can go a long way with pride and humility.

Let’s all be fully proud to be different, for that is what we really are. By doing so, we would all have that affectionate regard for ourselves. Add up the recognition that you live in a Universe in which all other beings also possess undeniable individuality and self worth and you get a more “sustainable” definition of what humility can be.

We can then be proud AND humble! But first we need to be Humble so that everyone can be Proud!

A name is nothing without a proper definition. We tend to buy too much into concept without really looking what is behind. Then humility would be pretty close to enlightenment no? but what is enlightenment already?

I won’t get into that one, since between what I think, what I say, what you read and what you interpret … we are all chinese to each other!


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