Mind the gap Toggle

To help you assimilate correctly the informations shared accross the website, two things need to be clearly identifyed:

Your Biais

Every information is sifted, computed, organized and assimilated in the light of your B.S. (Belief System) so that it can make any sense to you. Your biais are your personal way of perceiving and organizing reality - The entry door for information - It is build up upon your history, prejudices, ideas, personal truth, experiences, affinities, tastes, opinions … and define your CORE B.S. – the underground network of reality access. 

Reading along, Challenges might come up. No challenges are universal. Rather it is a highly personnal perception of conflicting Beliefs - your reality map is calling for crisis alert / identity is being put at stake.

[If you don't know your biais, this will give you a good start.]


My Biais – subject to updating

- I create my own reality, in this dimension or in any other one.

- Everything is real.

- Every bits of consciousness is endowed by the divine gift of the universe : The Creator within The Creation.

- Identity is my battle. Freedom is my banner.

- Only Freedom can make you free. Only Freedom deserves devotion.

- Experience is created and perceived upon B.S.

- Ego consciousness is a gift.

- There are no teacher but yourself.

- There is NO outside.

- There is no Period, only Question marks.

- Dreams, fantasies and The Ridicule should deserve my full attention.

- Past and Future are happening NOW.

- It’s all just a game, only we have forgotten the rules.

- Seriousness is my worst enemy when taken too seriously.

- Knowledge is power. Power is Freedom.

- Love is in the end.